12 September 2009

Sales success

I'm not sure if this could be called a massive 'sales success' but I did succeed in opening what could hopefully be a good new avenue of sales yesterday. I had the car for half an hour and needed to go and audit the rice processing operation in the local town (that makes it sound very grand, its actually quite modest), along the way i thought i'd take some breads to sell. I went to the local bush shop and told them, in my very basic portuguese, that I had breads to sell. The few customers there and shopkeeper laughed at me, then proceeded to buy all the breads from me. Was it my accent? I thought, who knows, the fact is they bought the bread and I'm hoping to make it a daily drop off point. I have 20 extra breads now from last nights bake (220 in total) which i'm off to try and sell now, wish me luck!

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