8 September 2009

Brown House

As promised yesterday here's a quick snap of the brown house snake they caught outside the office.

We baked 135 breads last night, of which I've sold 127 so far this morning, covering the costs at least. More flour is on the way from Maputo tonight and for once we have enough stock on hand. the only thing I'm still suffering from a bit is a lack of good firewood. I bought a nice sized bundle the other day for 40 Mets. (12 Rand/ USD 1.40 / GBP 1.00) but that only lasted a night. My duties elsewhere on the farm are keeping me too busy to cut wood myself for now so I'm sure I will have to buy-in wood again for tonight. I don't really be-grudge it so much though, as it is supporting the local 'economy' and giving someone a little extra income.

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