29 September 2009

Sales outstrip Demand

A first for Mozbak, I had to turn away customers today as we had sold all the bread we baked. Word is definitely spreading as two of todays customers came from afar, (sort of) by bicycle and weren't from the immediate vicinity, ie our usual customer base. Tomorrow I don't want to be sitting with the same problem so am baking 10% more breads, or 145 to be precise.

Its amazing what a difference a little marketing does. This morning I told myself "today we will sell more!". I loaded up a few small plastic bags (or "checkers" as they're called here - after the south african supermarket) with breads and went and did my rounds of the local workforce. The weather played into my hands as its a chilly overcast day here and I think that makes one more hungry. Perhaps I should integrate the weather forecast into my decision on how many breads to bake for the next day! I have implemented the 'Bazza Bonus' plan whereby if you buy 4 breads or more you get one free, this is proving very popular but now everyone expects a 'free' bread... Nothing wrong with putting the product out there and reminding everyone its available. One of the noticable differences is the number of people buying more than 4 breads, today I even had to turn away one lady who wanted 16 breads, my heart broke. That would have been the largest single order I had taken!

In case you are wandering where the 'Bazza' in 'Bazza bonus' comes from its from my nickname here; "Bazza Bazza" so earned as its a local phrase I always used to say to our staff (It means 'come lets go') and they just started calling me by that. The bakery is know as the Padaria de Bazza Bazza so it makes sense to call the free bread plan a Bazza bonus!

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